John Tierney

Marathon Coaching

We run for many reasons. Some want to improve or even find their limits. You can do this with trial and error, articles, books and achieve a lot. Sometimes you may plateau, need some new ideas or simply want to learn from someone who’s been there. I did and Hywel Davies helped me get my marathon down to 2:48 and learn a hell of a lot more in the process.

In my late 20s I was an overweight smoker. In my 30’s I was a sub-3 marathoner 6 times. I love trail and mountain running, pounding pavemnet is a winter thing for me. I’ve helped dozens of runners improve from 5K – ultra marathon. I can help you get a sub 30 minute 5k or a sub 20. I can help you complete your first marathon, or get that Good For Age time you’ve been getting closer to. But if you want to reach your potential in the marathon, thats where my true passion lies.

I specialise in coaching marathon runners to achieve their potential. This involves far more than setting a bespoke training plan. It’s about helping them to actually stick to it when life happens, adjusting it when needed and to believe in their own improving abilities to toe the start line full of confidnece and all important self control.

Complete Marathon Runner £120

We are going to own the road on marathon day. Together.

Work 1:1 with a proven marathon coach who has delivered for clients. Whether you want a sub 3 , a GFA time or a debut marathon performances of significance.

I’ve walked the walk; marathons is what I breath and love. I’ll be with you all the way. Contact me when you need me. Whatsapp, call or via the Final surge App

  • Initial call or run to get to know each other and understand goals
  • Regular contact via whatsapp as you need it
  • A monthly call to go deeper into conversation
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a bespoke training plan delivered through an app week by week
  • I review the training you do / do not do and we communicate
  • I help you understand the reasons behind the types of training – so you can go on to coach yourself
  • We work together to develop consitency, accountability and achieve results
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