1:1 Coaching


John Tierney – running coach

We run for many reasons. Some want to improve or even find their limits. You can do this with trial and error, articles, books and achieve a lot. Sometimes you may plateau, need some new ideas or simply want to learn from someone who’s been there (and been coached too). In my late 20s I was an overweight smoker. In my 30’s I have been sub-3 in the marathon 6 times. I love trail and mountain running. I’ve helped dozens of runners improve from 5K – ultra marathon. I can help you get a sub 30 minute 5k or a sub 20. I can help you complete your first marathon, or get that Good For Age time.

Monthly Coaching £75

  • initial call or run to talk background and understand goals
  • understand your strengths and weaknesseses
  • learn the training you love to do
  • create a bespoke training plan delivered through an app week by week
  • text feedback and pointers
  • help you understand the reasons behind the types of training I set – so you can go on to coach yourself
  • develop consitency, accountability and

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