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29th November

walking and talking

An immersive programme that asks you to experience a new way to navigate change.

We all go through changes. Sometimes intentionally, more often as a passenger. We don’t want to help you manage one change. We want to show you how to navigate them all.

Whether its change forced upon us or change we know we want to make, it can feel overwhelming. Like a mountain to climb. When we don’t know where to start, we tend to either fear it or resist it. Keeping us static and stuck.

Come join us and we’ll step through exercises with you that will shift your perspective on how you manage change.


  1. How it feels to be fully aware of and excited about the next step you’ll take.
  2. The questions to ask yourself to step through change and be fully engaged with your outcome.
  3. How taking yourself to wild places, up above the day to day helps create a unique perspective on how you want to shape things when you get back down.

We’ll guide you in advance to come prepared with a goal, behaviour or situation you’d like to be different for you.

Then let the day unfold & explore with us.
We’ll combine fresh air with fresh thinking.
This is an experiential exercise, getting away from distractions and normal places to help move beyond old ways of thinking and seeing.
Use the expansiveness of the outdoors to help you do this work.

And the transformation doesn’t need to stop at the end of the day. Take advantage of further coaching with Emma Stubbings – our Executive Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

Changes we can help you work on might include:

  • Next step in career
  • New self care regime
  • Making a choice about a relationship
  • Setting boundaries with others
  • Getting out of bad habits or routines that are unhealthy for us
  • Taking a business to the next level
  • Choosing to let something go

“Emma is an exceptional coach. Professional, credible, kind, positively focussed, and she gets results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma to others seeking either personal or professional coaching support.”

Genevieve Tofield
Strategic Learning & Development Manager, Talent Managent

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