Good for age marathon

Any half decent runner can run the first half of a marathon to pace… it’s the time they take for the second half I’m interested in.

6 x sub3, coach to many more

You’ve heard it’s possible to qualify for London Marathon or some of the other world marathon majors. You’ve wondered if it’s possible for you.

It is.

I helped my self to six sub three marathons. I’ve helped friends and clients achieve many more GFA times.

 Age Men Women
 18-39sub 3:00:00sub 3:45:00
 40-44sub 3:05:00sub 3:50:00
 45-49sub 3:10:00sub 3:53:00
 50-54sub 3:15:00sub 4:00:00
 55-59sub 3:20:00 sub 4:05:00
 60-64sub 3:45:00sub 4:30:00
 65-69sub 4:00:00sub 5:00:00
 70-74sub 5:00:00sub 6:00:00
 75-79sub 5:15:00sub 6:20:00
 80+sub 5:30:00sub 6:40:00
2022 times. Source:

“In the last year I’ve run three marathons – initially knocking off 19 minutes off my previous PB, all the way down to hitting the magic “sub 3” on the third race. I absolutely guarantee I would not have managed any of this without coaching and support from John”

Rosie McKissock

Stand out from the crowd.

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